Delani (Kennedy)


Delani was born on the mean streets of the City State—and probably literally at that. She grew up poor, and mostly without parents, as hers abandoned both Delani and her older sister, Vivian, while both were young. Life running with the child-packs of the slums of the City State was generally interesting, but very short. Somehow, Delani beat the odds and survived.

Delani managed to find succor within the Thieves Guild. She had always been a graceful child, and had shown a natural talent and flair for the more… illegal skills. This brought her to the attention of the older children who operated in the lower rungs of the Guild. Her talent let her rise in the ranks, until she became a full member at an early age.

Delani is only just starting to make her way as a semi-independent thief. While she no longer pays the full dues of a Guild member, she is careful to maintain her status as an associate. Likewise, she no longer enjoys the constant stream of jobs the Guild provides, but must find her own (paying a share, if lesser, of her proceeds to keep the Guild happy).

Delani has a rather odd attitude towards property. She genuinely doesn’t believe in the concept of private property, and considers those who lock up things as immoral.

Delani (Kennedy)

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