(Paul) Linos


Linos was born an Amazon male, that is to say, a slave. Unlike slaves in many other cultures, the Amazon males are not necessarily ill-treated. They are, however, not masters of their own fates, and are systematically denied power and influence within Amazon culture.

Linos—named for the pale gold of his hair—found this “gentle” captivity grated on him as the years passed. He had come to appreciate the well-ordered Amazon society, but he wanted a say in his own fate, something denied to men. When he was traded to a distant Amazon queen—something that occasionally happened to men when the women wished to diversify their breeding stock—he took the opportunity to abscond into the wilderness with a few scavenged supplies.

How he evaded the warriors that came hunting him, he didn’t know, but evade them he did. His wandering feet took him into the Valley of the Ancients and to the lair of Abraxis, the Sudden Storm.

Abraxis was a blue Great Wyrm, and ancient beast strong in magic and possessed of a horde beyond imagining. Unwilling to leave the careful shelter of his valley—not to mention his fantastic horde—the dragon saw potential in Linos, and spared the Amazon’s life. The wyrm offered Linos a deal—Linos would gain a fraction of the power of dragons, and in return he would act as Abraxis’s agent in the world outside. Abraxis mainly desired information, but at times would find a catspaw to be useful, and thought to use Linos in both roles. Intrigued, Linos agreed.

The magic ritual took a full month and invoked the power of Tiamat herself. It touched Linos with the power of dragonkind and blue dragons in particular, Abraxis being his sponsor. Training in his new abilities was grueling and took several years before Abraxis declared Linos to be fit for service.

The fledgling Dragonfire Adept made his way to the City State of the Invincible Overlord. With him he bore a pendant granting him the ability to mentally communicate with Abraxis, enabling Linos to “report” and Abraxis to command. The pendant is keyed to both Abraxis and Linos through their mutual blue dragon heritage, and will probably not work for anyone without that link (i.e. plot device). For now, Linos is commanded to simply observe the workings of the City State.

(Paul) Linos

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