Vivian (Sherilyn)


Vivian was born on the mean streets of the City State—and probably literally at that. She grew up poor, and mostly without parents, as hers abandoned both Vivian and her younger sister, Delani, while both were young. Life running with the child-packs of the slums of the City State was generally interesting, but very short. Somehow, Vivian beat the odds and survived.

Vivian lacked the grace and “social” connections of her younger sister, and consequently lacked the protection and help of that the Thieves’ Guild offered Delani. Always a bit more whimsical and reckless than her younger sister, Vivian sought and obtained power from a more… unique source…

Inspiration to artists, charming seductress of mortals, and cruel Ascended noble of the fey, the Leanansidhe was one of the many quasi-divine Powers that could be found within the world. The full details of the bargain were something that Vivian would never reveal, but the Leanansidhe granted Vivian a large amount of power in return for devotion and perhaps merely amusement. The High Sidhe could be that way sometimes. They always, however, kept their bargains, even if the bargains you made with them weren’t what you thought.

Vivian (Sherilyn)

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