Character Creation

Sheet to Use

Use the D&D 3.5 Universal Sheet.

Generating Characteristics: Point Buy vs. Roll

You have the option of using the 25-point Buy described in the Dungeon Master’s Guide. You may also roll before me at the gaming table one night and I’ll post your stats on the forum. Either way is acceptable so that we can create these characters.

A Note On Literacy

All race/classes are Illiterate, except the Sage.


This is not an exhaustive list of all allowed races, but is the most common races. These can all be found in the Player’s Guide to the Wilderlands. Ask your Dungeon Master for more information. If you wish to play a different race than one listed here (such as one with an ECL), run it by your Dungeon Master first.


Default humans are “mixed blood” humans – that is, they are from all over and have the blood of many different human peoples in their veins. These are standard PHB humans.


Fair, olive, and reddish humans from the city folk in the northern Wilderlands, such as the City State of the Invincible Overlord, Warwik, and Modron. Mix of Tharbrian and Altanian blood. Disdain for barbarians. Often Neutral.


Swarthy olive skinned humans. From the city of Antil. Cunning and disarmingly vicious. Sometimes mistaken for half elves due to their lithe features and slightly pointed ears. Notorious slavers. Extremely sexist against women. Often Neutral Evil.

Common Avalonian

Pale skin with light blue tints. Usually from the city state of Valon. Share some of the blood of the nobles from Valon as well as their affinity for cold and the sea. Often sorcerous. Typically Neutral Good.

Common Orichalan

Slight purple cast to skin, some of which may have scales or snakeskin. Considered a tainted bloodline. Few of these still exist. Most have been hunted down by the Altanians. Typically Neutral and Neutral Evil.

Common Viridian

Pale with varying tints of green. A mixture of Tharbrian and True Viridian. Make up the bulk of the Falling Empire of Viridistan, City State of the World Emperor. Typically Lawful Neutral or Lawful Evil.


Bronzed skin. Wood-Folk who originated in the Dearthwood. Semi-barbaric today. Ruled by the Captain of the Rangers, ally of the City State. Often Chaotic or Neutral Good.


Various skin colors from bronze to olive to dusky. Remnants of the Ghinoran Successor States from the ancient Kelnoran Empire, which fell thousands of years ago. Typically Neutral.


Bronzed skin. From the City State of Tarantis usually. Usually from one of two tribes. Their people are ruled by Sultans and are ruthless merchants and pirates. Typically Lawful Evil.


Yellow skin. The Horse Lords of far-off Karak. They trade with Tarantis and Rallu. Export many exotic items. Pride themselves on mounted archers. Typically Lawful Netural or Lawful Evil.


Pale skin. The Sea Wolves, a well-muscled water-loving race. Ritually birthed in water and spend most of their youths learning the ways of the sea. Typically Neutral.


Ruddy tan skin. Eternal nomads of central Wilderlands, having migrated from far west. Nomadic and warlike. Very egalitarian in their treatment of women. Typically Chaotic Neutral.


Copper to reddish brown to blood red (pureblood Altanians). Occupy the Pazidan Peninusla and are known for their barbarian families. Hardy warriors. The blood red skinned purebloods claim descent from some Chaos Lords, powerful inhuman creatures from the Chaos Planes of the Netherworld. Typically Neutral or Chaotic Neutral.


Fair to light brown skin. Warrior women of the Wilderlands. Barbarians hidden amongst the treets of the Sea Rune, Rallu, Ghinor, and Ament Tundra. Mercenary Amazons can be found everywhere. Typically Lawful Neutral.


Pale blue skin. Considered the noblest of people, in their own minds anyway. Some claim descent from merfolk or extra-planar beings from the Elemental Plane of Water. Typically Lawful Good.


City Dwarves

Tan skin. Most commonly encountered dwarves in cities and towns. Smiths, jewelers, merchants, or alchemists and the like, usually. Typically Neutral.

Deep Dwarves

Splotchy gray skin. Shun daylight and prefer to live deep underground. Unhealthy race who spends time studying dark magic. Keep goblin and troll slaves. Typically Chaotic Evil.

Hill Dwarves

Bronze skin. Coarse, insular, warrior race. Monotheistic. Typically Neutral.

Mountain Dwarves

Tan or ruddy pink skin. Most ordered and hide-bound of a very stubborn race. Women grow beards (only ones that do). Typically Lawful Good.


Dark Elves

Soot-covered ivory skin. Called Dark Elves because of the depth of their homes and the hatred in their hearts. Sometimes cooperate with Deep Dwarves, but never do they trust each other. (Similar to Drow, but not as powerful.) Typically Chaotic Evil.

High Elves

Pale white to silver skin. Most of the northern elves are high elves. Learned in the ways of war and wizardry. Holier than thou art. Typically Chaotic Good.

Gray Elves

Ivory white skin. Very rare. Closest living embodiment of the Ancient Elves. Often seen as the conceptual passing of their race into obscurity. Typically Lawful Good, though every given example of them was far from it…


Pale green skin. Rare, distant kin of merfolk. Must live in water or become dehydrated. Possesses tail of a great fish instead of legs, though they may transform into legs for an hour a day. Typically Neutral.

Nothern Elves (Alvar, Blue Elves)

Pale blue skin. Northern elves who came from the Great Glacier. Typically Neutral.

Southern Elves (Altani Elves, Red Elves)

Pale red skin. Barbaric race from Altanis. Typically Neutral.

Wild Elves (Green Elves)

Nut brown or green skin. Most reclusive of elves. Reside in deep forests and hidden valleys. Typically Chaotic Neutral.

Wood Elves

Tan white skin. Rustic cousins of the high elves. Avoid cities and towns. Typically Neutral.


There are some Gnomish sub races which do not change game stats, but can provide some interesting backgrounds.




As PHB, but has a few common variants that are for background purposes only.


In addition to the standard classes, there are a couple of new classes in the Player’s Guide to the Wilderlands. These are:

Alchemist: Creator of poisons and other things.
Amazon Warrior: Ferocious female fighter.
Sage: Learned Scholars of the Wilderlands.
Witch: Sorcerer variant, usually thought to be evil.


Important to note, the Player’s Guide to the Wilderlands has a few new feats. Among them are things like Educated and Literate, which players may enjoy.

Character Creation

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