The Blooded Company

Young and Afraid

Dr Love adjusted her spectacles as she read the referral in front of her.

“Mr Tedge, please have a seat on the couch.” She gestured to the velvet covered lips in the corner .“Relax and tell me what brings you to my office today.”

The couch squeaked under the massive mountain of once finely sculpted muscles that was Tedge. He flicked his thinning blonde curls over his pale shoulders and smiled nervously.

“The clergy down the road.”

“Yes yes it says that you are convinced that you are haunted by the ghost of your dead wife. In spite of not detecting any ghosts, you managed to convinced them to conduct several purification rituals and half a dozen attempts at exorcism, before concluding..”

" That I was stricken by the vagaries of a lunatic moon. " Tedge leaned back on the couch as he laid the back of one hand over his brow. One ring constricted around his finger "and also bereft of further means of donations.. "

“Hmm.. The priests had concerns that you were consuming yourself with your grief, and your inability to let go… of this terrible tragedy is crystallizing into a-

“You mean to say I’m tormenting myself?” Dr Love nodded.

“Well that is one option we may explore, but first how long have you wanted to sleep with your mother?”


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